Food supplement (functional food)


The latest scientific findings and ancient knowledge about plants and herbs are incorporated into the development. Quality and exceptionally good properties of the products are our claim in the development and production of functional food. We develop and supply modern food supplements for you according to the latest state of the art in science, law & technology. We offer you a future-oriented new conception or extension of your product range. The PharmaCent Group supports you in the successful development of functional food from the idea to the implementation:


The PharmaCent Group Switzerland

  • develops formulations for you
  • advises you on declaration issues, legal requirements and formal label design (label check) with regard to the applicable national regulations, in particular the Health Claim Regulations
  • checks and procures the marketability documents for your products
  • packs, labels, tags, and picks (as needed) your finished products

We offer customized assortments for your customer group:

  • complete weight management ranges
  • support for heart and circulation
  • delicious mineral drinks
  • help with food intolerances such as lactose intolerance
  • and much more...... in classic and state-of-the-art dosage forms as capsules, shakes, drinks or direct sticks.

From the idea to the development to the implementation, we are your contact!!!