InnoCent International GmbH

Reutackerstraße 22-24 79591 Eimeldingen Germany  InnoCent International GmbH has an international good reputation for reliability, flexibility and competence within development, production and contract manufacturing for cosmetics, beauty care, body care as well as Laundry & Home Care. The Headquater of the InnoCent International GmbH is based in Eimeldingen (near Bale), Germany and acts as and contract manufacturer.

ceragol international GmbH

Grundstrasse 41 8196 Wil (ZH) Switzerland The Headquater of the Ceragol International GmbH is in Wil, Switzerland. Ceragol is a known manufacturer of high quality cleaning agents. The products range from cleaning agents (for the hole area of cleaning) to  cleaning and descaling products for fully automated coffee machines. The product range is supplemented by an innovative range of touchscreen cleaning agents, display cleaning agents and windshield cleaning agents.