Entwicklung Wasch- & Reinigungsmittel (Laundry & Home Care)

Cleaner / detergent (Laundry & Home Care)[custom_frame_right]image8[/custom_frame_right]

In our own laboratory, our scientists are constantly working on new developments in the detergent and laundry products, which forms a symbiotic relationship in the fields of biology, chemistry and technology from neighboring Kompentenzfeldern. Here entwicken the innovative formulations and production methods, which have in recent years contributed to the success of our customers, and not least contributed to our success. We recommend our services to small to medium sized batches in private label and personalized performances. Our labs create during development at regular intervals 0-series for you as early as possible in order to give an impression of cleaner / detergent. It hears the service for us on the development. The following services, you can always fall back:[custom_list style=”list-1″]

  • Assistance with product registration
  • Registration with the poison control centers
  • Creation of Marketing Certificate
  • Preparation of Safety Data Sheets
  • Creation of Data Sheets for Detergents